At the age of 15 Lian chose to devote his future to learning practical life skills. He left home and moved into a yurt he built for himself. Dedicated to learn the old way of doing things, he studied for 2 years as an apprentice to the Japanese blacksmith Nabuia Yamaguchi, and for another 3 years, specialized in knife and tool making under the tuition of Rudy Zirlin – a Russian master knife maker.

Since then he keeps evolving his practical tool designs, developing new techniques and designs. Feedback received from professionals as well as his own long personal experience as an outdoorsman and a wood smith, motivated Lian to create robust tools for carving and other heavy chores.

Lian's choice of materials stems from his desire to utilise local resources: be it camel bones, gazelle horns, ancient olive wood and local steel he professionally recycles to any type of blade – from ordinary carbon carving knives, through Damascus steel or San-Mai speciality blades to horse shoeing tools, drew knives and speciality wood carving axes.

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    Lian Israeli – phone : + 972 54-5466722

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